What is Model United Nations?

Model United Nations (henceforth MUN) is an authentic and academic simulation of United Nations and its bodies, where participants debate a huge variety of different topics of global importance. Human rights issues, the war in Iraq, reform of the UN structure, failed states and cybercrime are just some examples of the wide spectre of topics a participant might encounter.

As a participant in MUN, you will role-play a delegate from a particular country. As that delegate, you will represent your country in a committee within the UN system. This includes UN bodies, such as the Security Council and the General Assembly, or specialised agencies and organisations, such as World Health Organization and the UN Office on Drugs and Crime.

Your role as a delegate means that you have certain responsibilities to maintain. The core goal of the United Nations, and, as such, your ultimate goal, is to find a feasible solutions to a given topic. You will need to research this topic, and conform to your country’s foreign policies and national interests whilst at the same time seek consensus, cooperation and compromise. This is a difficult balancing act, and MUN helps you develop those diplomatic skills needed to succeed as a delegate.

Beyond being a perfect platform for networking and learning, MUN helps developing a number of key skills which are needed to succeed in life. As mentioned, as a participant, you will gain valuable skills within diplomacy – the core value of the United Nations and, by extension, MUN. You need to negotiate, find consensus, cooperate and find compromises where needed. You also need to reach out to other delegates and convince them that your solutions are worth considering and adopting in the final solution. However, throughout your participation, you will also touch upon other skills that are very valuable in today’s world. You learn how to research a particular topic and what to focus on. Public speaking, argumentation, leadership and time management are also some very relevant skills that MUN can help develop.

Many participants start out without these skills, many of which are considered key to success in your professional and personal life. However, thanks to active participation in MUN, many acquire these skills and enter the professional life well-equipped. Will you?