Visa questions

If you require a visa to attend our conference, we can provide you with a visa letter, which you can then present to the correct authorities in your country. Please submit your name (as is on the passport), nationality, passport number and the institution you are part of to us at, with the ‘Visa Letter Request’ in the subject line. Please keep in mind that the visa letter is valid for only one person, and, as such, we need the details for all delegates who require a visa. We will also require that all the delegates desiring a visa letter have paid our delegate fee before we send out the visa letters. Please contact us as early as possible, as the visa process often takes a while.

It is highly important that all the information you give us is completely accurate, and we ask you to verify it all before you submit the information to us. We are by no means responsible for any inaccuracies as a result of erroneous details given to us, nor are we ultimately responsible for your successful entry into the UK.