Secretary-General: Alexander Falck-Bilden

Alexander ID

Dear delegates, chairpersons and guests,

As the Secretary-General, it is my greatest pleasure to welcome you to the second session of the University of Sussex Model United Nations conference! I am a third year International Relations and Development student at University of Sussex who is passionate about current affairs and the act of diplomacy.

I have personally been active within the MUN world since I went to high school, where I was a co-founder and the President of the local MUN society for two years. Since then, I have attended a number of conferences, including participation as both a delegate and as an assistant chair at the prestigious Harvard WorldMUN the last two years.

For this conference, I have set the goal to make our simulation of the United Nations more realistic than is often seen in the UK and abroad. Model United Nations has for a long time been seen as an accurate portrayal of the UN system, but this is only a half-truth. Although the overarching ideas and values have remained the same, terminology and procedures have been changed – not towards a more accurate simulation, but away from it. Although we will keep the familiar MUN framework, we will take steps towards a more authentic depiction of the global organisation, and give you – as a delegate or chairperson – a more genuine and truthful understanding of the United Nations as an organisation, as well as the negotiations and decision-making that takes place within. It is thus with delight that I welcome you to our conference in 2016!

Deputy Secretary-General: Tim Chapelle

TimDear Delegates,

I am extremely excited to welcome you to our 2016 Sussex Model United Nations conference. I’m Tim, Director General here at Sussex, and I’m very much looking forward to meeting you all for a weekend of debate and enjoyment. As Director General, it is my job to assist the Secretary General and bring to his attention any information from the secretariat that is necessary in order to help facilitate the efficiency and productivity of the conference.

As a second year American Studies and History student, it has become clear to me how quickly things are changing. As a species, we have come to dominate the planet, harness technology for the advancement of society, and are more interconnected than ever before. But for all our advancement, we still have many problems. Human rights continue to be challenged across the globe, remnants of colonialism still affect many lives, the weapons we created for security are still keeping the world insecure.

These are just some of the problems that exist in our world today. And these are problems that we are challenging you to consider and address at SussexMUN. We look forward to hearing your solutions as you interact and engage with other delegates who may be representing very different ideas. Not only will you participate in debate, we hope that you will also grow as you develop a greater understanding of the delicate balance of international diplomacy and gain an appreciation for the work that the United Nations does on a daily basis.

It is an honour to be part of this important aspect of future development and I look forward to sharing it with you. The solutions that you develop could, one day, help lead to a better world for all.

Under-Secretary-General for Chairing: Ayomide Oluyemi

Stay tuned for more information about our Under-Secretary-General for Chairing!

Under-Secretary-General for Delegations: Bendegúz Kassai

BendeguzHello everyone! My name is Bendegúz and I’m currently a second year Neuroscience student. Coming from a debating background, MUN has been an incredible experience as I got to delve into current issues and put the debating experience to work. I believe MUN is a great place for everyone to put their individual skills to use and show their talents. As USG of Delegations, I’m very excited to work with the delegations and help to create an amazing conference experience for everyone.



Under-Secretary-General for Finances: Vivienne Madders

VivienneDear delegates,

It is both an honour and pleasure to welcome you to our second session of SussexMUN! My name is Vivienne Madders and I am a third year law student from Brussels with German and English backgrounds. This multicultural heritage has inspired me to stride towards the European and international spheres. Therefore, I decided to partake in MUN in my first year at university. I have since joined a myriad of trips and gathered countless memories. My experience in the MUN universe expanded when I became Conference Manager of the society (2014-15) and subsequently Speaker Officer and Co-Chair of the World Health Organisation committee at the inaugural session of SussexMUN.

Other than MUN, I had the chance to explore the professional world by interning at Deutsche Bank, the law firm Becker Buettner Held and The Notariats of the European Union. Furthermore, I am currently the Secretary-General of the European Law Students’ Association at Sussex.

Model United Nations provides a platform where students from different parts of the world come together to share a passion and attempt to make a change, for better or for worse. As time goes by, new faces become new friends, conferences turn into the best memories and MUN an indispensable part of life.

I dearly look forward to meeting you all and wish you all the best -and lots of fun- on your MUN journey,


Under-Secretary-General for Communications: Sally Mouneimneh

SallyMy name is Sally Mouneimneh.

I am currently on my final year studying International Relations (BA Hons).

Being part of a diverse, fun and serious society, has been a wonderful experience for me as I made a lot of friends and got to meet some really interesting people. I have been part of SUMUN for two years now and I absolutely love being a part of it. As the USG of communications, I am looking forward to updating you all on the latest news, socials and committee events and trips.

Under-Secretary-General for Socials: Natalie Acheampong

Natalie Acheampong

Dear Delegates,

Hello everyone! How are you doing? My name is Natalie Acheampong, I am Ghanaian (for my fellow Ghanaians, ɛ te sɛn? Akɔaba) and I am a third year law student. My role in the society is making sure that any social events that occur will be among some of the best days/nights of your life, and that’s not under statement. Go hard or go home, that’s what I believe!

MUN really is an opportunity you don’t want to miss – if I’m honest, the only reason why I got an internship over summer was because I was able to demonstrate a number of skills that I acquired from MUN. MUN helps individuals foster an ability to critically analyse a problem, builds on interaction and team work, problem solving and much more. It’s more than just a society – it’s like stepping stone in building your career.