Chairing applications

NOTE: Our chairing applications deadline has now passed, and we are no longer accepting applications. If you do have any enquiries regarding chairing applications, then do not hesitate to contact us at

In order to apply as a chairperson for USMUN 2016, you first need to complete a form which is accessible by clicking the Chairing Application figure underneath. As a chairperson, you will lead and manage one of the four committees at our conference, and gain valuable skills and knowledge in the process. In total, we are seeking four chairpersons and four assistant chairpersons, forming a team of two per committee. We are seeking chairpersons for all four committees: DISEC, SPECPOL, UNHRC and UNSC.

Our application process is a four-step process:

  1. You fill in the application
  2. The application is reviewed, and applicants are contacted with the first-stage results
  3. An interview is conducted, either in-person or through Skype
  4. The total information is reviewed, and final results are delivered to the applicants

Please note that the deadline for chairing applications has been extended to 30 OCTOBER 2015 AT 23:59. If you are interested in the position, please apply before this deadline.

Unsuccessful applicants will be able to apply as delegates if they so wish.

If you have any enquiries regarding chairing, please do not hesitate to contact us at We will respond as soon as possible.

Chairing Application

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